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Lake Bonneville Bison Ranch | Bison Hunts in Utah

Lake Bonneville Bison Ranch | Utah - Buffalo Hunting Outfitters

Lambert Dutson
PO Box 162
Oak City, Utah
84649, United States
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About Lake Bonneville Bison Ranch


We offer a second to none sportsman's trophy hunt in Oak City with several outrageously challenging buffalo hunts.

Our trophy bison hunts have bulls upwards of 2,200 pounds. Our buffalo hunting ranch is located in central Utah, we are cautious to only supply prime conditioned animals for quality hunts.

Lake Bonneville Bison Ranch welcomes you and your family to come take advantage of our guided buffalo hunts. Should some of your party want to hang back and relax for a while then our era decorated cabin is perfect for their comfort. We also offer authentic home made buffalo chili and home made bread after your long day buffalo hunting. Come and relax, all you have to do is contact Lambert Dutson the ranch manager, also our best buffalo hunting guide.

Our bison hunts are in Oak City, Utah, the cabin is snuggled at the mouth of Oak City canyon, along the border of forest service land. Our bison hunts are usually in the middle of the Utahn winters and therefore we would like to warn any participants to bring the appropriate gear for this weather. On a positive note though our beautiful cabin can provide warmth from a fireplace, rest rooms, and kitchen facilities, along with old relics from the past.

We would like to invite all your family when you choose a buffalo hunt with us. We have found that many enjoy coming back and visiting with loved one's or sharing the moment of harvest with them. Our cabin offers a unique retreat and a vacation for those unwilling to be involved with the actual buffalo hunt. We want to make your guided buffalo hunt one that you will always remember. We want you to return year after year and start a new family tradition. Our bison hunts are only prosperous if we have a good repor with our clients and can rely on their repeat business.

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