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OUTDOORSMAN Features Top North Carolina Duck & Goose Hunting Guides, North Carolina Duck & Goose Hunting Outfitters, and North Carolina Duck & Goose Hunting Lodges offering North Carolina Canada Goose hunts, North Carolina Duck hunts, and North Carolina Snow Goose hunts. Our listed North Carolina waterfowl hunting guides, North Carolina waterfowl hunting outfitters, and North Carolina waterfowl hunting Lodges are some of the best in the industry and are proven professionals that offer World Class North Carolina Duck & Goose hunts.

OUTDOORSMAN aims to present only the most reputable outfitters and guides, however, we recognize that there is always potential for personality conflicts and misunderstandings. Therefore, we recommend that you use the 'outfitter submittal' forms to discuss your needs & expectations then gather more information and make an informed decision.

Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters - North Carolina Duck Hunts

Clay McPherson
723 Menola Saint John Rd.
Ahoskie, North Carolina
27910, USA

If you are looking for a guided North Carolina duck and goose hunting adventure then here at Cutawhiskey Creek Outfitters all your dreams will come true. We offer some of the best open water North Carolina duck and goose hunts. We also provide our North Carolina waterfowl hunts with a five time state champion caller. Our North Carolina duck and goose hunts are conducted near Currituck to Pamlico Point including ever river in between. We offer various duck blinds in strategic locations, but we prefer to bush blind hunt among the edges for added concealment. Late in the North Carolina waterfowl hunting season you will see box blinds flare.

We also provide lodging for these North Carolina waterfowl hunts. Your accommodations will be made within 5 to 10 minutes of a boat ramp or timber. You will have access to many restaurants close by, and will be accompanied by your guide.

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October, 2013

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New Mexico, United States

We at Chama River Outfitters are dedicated to the idea of offering all of our clients the opportunity of taking a good, Trophy Class animal. We offer Elk Hunting in Chama New Mexico and are very careful to lease only ranches that have a good number of quality animals. I, Bob Ball, guided my first hunter professionally, in November, 1967. Every year is even more fun than the last for Chama Elk Hunting. All of our guides are well seasoned outdoorsmen who enjoy what they do. We have an outstanding reputation for providing a good, honest, fair chase hunt for Elk Hunting Chama New Mexico. Our entire staff is proud of the fact that most of our hunters hunt with us year after year. We look forward to Elk Hunting with you. Top Pick for October 2013!

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